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Every one communicates, but how many connect?

networking,réseau,bommelaerJohn Maxwell is a very well known expert and author in the U.S. He sold more than 18 million books (much more than me!) In 2010, he wrote a book called " Every one Communicates, Few Connect" which is targeted to leaders who want to connect more effectively.

According to Maxwell, the principles behind connecting are:

- it increases influence in every situation

- it is all about focusing on other people and undestanding the needs of listeners

- it goes beyond words visually, emotionally, intellectually and verbelly

- it demands a lot of energy

- it involves more skill than natural talent

Maxwell stresses that, if you want to be a super connector, you have to:

- find a common ground with the audience

- make communication silly simple: simplify the complex

- create an unique and enjoyable experience

- inspire the audience: challenge, motivate and encourage  people

- be authentic by living what you communicate, be credible, be reliable, be honest

According to me, leaders should learn to connect if they want to improve their Networking. Managers who want to be successful must connect more effectively. It will help them increase their productivity, reinforce their teamwork and expand their influence.


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